5 Naughty Bachelorette Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

Whether you have been tasked with planning your best friend’s bachelorette weekend and have a million and one tasks on your to-do list or have simply been invited to your mate’s hen party, you’ll want to bring a gift to the party.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover five naughty bachelorette gift ideas for the blushing bride-to-be.

1. Garter and Hip Flask Set

Presumably, the bride-to-be will, at some point, be taken out for a night on the town and even though she will not be able to sneak a drink whilst in the clubs, when walking to the next venue there is one gift which will guarantee she never gets thirsty.

A sexy garter with an attached hip flask is the ideal fun and exciting gift for your bestie, especially if you make sure to pre-fill the flask with her favorite spirit and mixer combination.

2. Mini Challenges

Another way to ensure your best friend is always the center of attention on her bachelorette weekend is to bring along either some homemade, or pre-bought, challenges for the bride throughout the celebrations.

Such challenges can range from stealing the underpants from an innocent chap on a night out, or a naked run around the perimeters of the hotel you are all staying in the early hours of the morning.

3. “Last Night of Freedom” Kit

A more substantial, yet still surprisingly affordable, gift idea for your bestie is to customize a “last night of freedom” kit to present to her, either on her bachelorette celebration itself or indeed, on the night before her wedding.

Check out My Amazing Fantasy for a huge range of naughty and hilarious gifts for such an endeavor, and you could even get the rest of the girls to club together and make a presentation to your bestie before you head out for a night on the town.

4. Inflatable Men!

What bachelorette party would be complete without a heavy and potentially incredibly embarrassing object for the bride-to-be to carry around with her; so to ensure you and the girls have checked this particular box, get an inflatable, life-sized muscle man ordered in time for the weekend!

If an inflatable man is not your style, but you still want her to have to lug an item around with her from bar to bar and club to club, you could also consider a feather duster and maid’s outfit, a whip and leash set, or the classic bridal veil and garter accessories.

5. Fluffy Handcuffs

Finally, the fifth suggestion on the list for the naughtiest gift ideas for your bestie bride-to-be is one which you can get hold of for just a few dollars and comes in a range of styles, colors and sizes: fluffy handcuffs.

If you prefer, you can simply have her carry around the handcuffs dangling from her wrist all night, but if you truly want to put her through the ringer, you could spend the evening attaching her to lampposts, bars, and even unsuspecting passers-by.


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