Auto Transport for Snowbirds – A Guide to Seasonal Car Shipping

If you’re a snowbird, someone who migrates from cold regions to warmer regions during the winter months, you may need to transport your car with you when you travel. Auto transport for snowbirds can be a convenient and efficient way to move your vehicle between your summer and winter homes. Here’s a guide to seasonal car shipping for snowbirds to help you navigate the process.

  1. Plan Ahead

It’s important to start planning your auto transport well in advance. Snowbird season typically coincides with the colder months, and many other snowbirds will also be looking to transport their vehicles during the same time. Booking your auto transport early can help ensure that you secure a spot with a reputable auto transport company and get the best possible rates.

2. Research Auto Transport Companies

Do your research and find a reputable auto transport company that specializes in seasonal car shipping. Look for companies that have good customer reviews, proper licensing, and insurance coverage. Get quotes from 3 to 4 companies for proper comparison of the offered prices and services. You can get instant quotes on for quick comparison and early booking.

3. Choose the Right Type of Transport

There are several options for auto transport, including open carriers, enclosed carriers, and drive-away services. Open carriers are the most common and affordable option, but your vehicle will be exposed to the elements. Enclosed carriers provide additional protection from the weather, but they are more expensive. Drive-away services involve hiring someone to drive your vehicle to your destination, but they may not be suitable for all situations.

4. Prepare Your Vehicle

Before your vehicle is transported, make sure it’s prepared for shipping. Clean your car inside and out, remove all personal items, and make sure it’s in good condition. Note any existing damages and take pictures for documentation. Disable any alarms, remove or retract antennas, and secure loose parts.

5. Review the Contract

Carefully review the contract with the auto transport company before signing. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions, including the delivery timeframe, insurance coverage, and payment details. Keep a contract copy for your records.

6. Prepare for Delivery

Make sure you or a designated representative is available to receive your vehicle at the destination. Conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle upon delivery and compare it to the condition at pickup. Note any damages and report them to the auto transport company immediately.

7. Be Flexible

Auto transport can be affected by weather conditions, road closures, and other unforeseen circumstances. Be prepared to be flexible with your travel plans and understand that delays may occur.

8. Communicate with the Auto Transport Company

Stay in regular communication with the auto transport company to receive updates on the status of your vehicle and address any concerns or questions you may have.

9. Check State Regulations

Some states have specific regulations regarding auto transport, including permits, fees, and restrictions. Make sure you’re aware of any state regulations that may apply to your specific route and comply with them.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and successful auto transport experience for your snowbird travels. Remember to plan ahead, research auto transport companies, prepare your vehicle, review the contract, notify your insurance company, prepare for delivery, be flexible, communicate with the auto transport company, and check state regulations. Safe travel!


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