Forms of art: relevance to society

Before the development of digital photography which is common nowadays, the practice of painting portraits, may it be people or even nature itself. This became pretty evident before technology began as people discovered colors and made use of it which gave life to an art form which is painting. Paintings representing family members from earlier generations used to hang in the homes of royal and known families which can afford them because it was really expensive at that time, you can learn more about this part on royalties and their art in Before getting married some couples want to have portraits painted as this is a special day for them. but nowadays there are so-called wedding photography sessions. Nonetheless, it is common knowledge that these photographs will fade if not stored correctly, but paintings like the Rembrandt Young Self Portrait in contrast to oil paintings lasted for generations and are still displayed. The portrait develops its stylistic approach while preserving the memory it has built and passed on to every generation there is in a family’s history if their ancestors have these paintings. Even important people in the world had the chance to have. Yes, your photograph becomes authentic for future generations but it can never match the effort of the painters from the past until the present, this article will tackle everything about painting and its relevance to society.

Painting In General Sense

Painting a portrait with oil as the paint is a task that requires skill, endurance, and patience. This is known to be a long process that very few painters can produce and they come in several art forms like abstract, realism, and many more. These types of paintings can last for around a week depending on the difficulty of the artwork itself especially realism which takes a lot of effort to replicate the exact portrait of your subject. Most of you probably think that you can’t afford such artwork, but sadly nowadays, people pay way less than the value that they should have as it was degraded by technology itself. people just won’t consider the efforts of the artist. In this generation, you don’t need thousands of money or be a member of the royal family to get a portrait.

Years ago, it is a requirement that we should sit for hours just to have a beautiful painting from the artist that we have, for them to replicate us perfectly. Nowadays, people just need to give photographs for the painter to replicate, may it be a hard copy or a soft copy. This is a big deal because people nowadays don’t have the time and patience to sit still. Some artists even use a projector to transfer the image onto the canvas and create a painting with oil paint, this is to feel the vibe of painting the person as there are artists that take inspiration from feeling. Also, some artists just want to take your idea for the painting that you want, they don’t need your whole family in one studio, instead, they just want photos, which don’t need to be a family picture, but separate pictures and they can already combine it into one. If you also want portraits of nature, the artists don’t need to go to the specific landscape that you want, you just need to give them pictures and they will replicate them in no time. Some artists disagree with this idea because they believe that painting directly the things that they are currently seeing is much better than mere photos.

Gaining Identity, Profit, And Connections In The Industry

When it comes to arts, exposure will provide you an advantage because it is seen as the most crucial element to acquire first while pursuing this line of work. This will provide you an advantage or chance to be noticed by everyone, but you should first license your work. You must first license your work to feature in films or commercials or even exhibits because it is now so common for people to be accused of theft that they frequently lose their rights to their creations as a result of failing to do so. With this easy process, you may capitalize on the exposure you received.

Artists are protected by copyright because some people openly take other people’s work and pass it off as their own. Additionally, the guarantees that you get paid following your partnership’s terms and conditions for the use of your work. Moreover, licensing helps to protect your copyright. You can create a special kind of contract that is legally binding by an attorney and that specifies how and when your music can be utilized as well as the payment you will earn when your chosen composition is licensed. This protects you from credit squatters and management that merely wish to steal your work or underpay you.

Customizing your professional path as an artist is crucial and should be one of your actions when you already have connections and exposure. You can avoid many accidents and other occurrences in the business by using a step-by-step strategy and a backup plan in case of emergency. For instance, if you want to focus on doing art forms or posters for movies or TV shows, you can look into how to obtain licensing for those industries. To create logos or simple backdrops for commercials mix them with what you want for various sorts of advertising content, this is as if you want to work for a corporation, just submit your work. By concentrating on the elements of the industry that most interest you and diversifying your income streams, you can build a fulfilling and long-lasting career as an artist. In this field, research is your best friend, so take use of it.

Technology: A Threat Or An Ally?

Today’s technology enables us to view our paintings online and paintings can also be made online. But some developers are taking specific art styles from other artists and disguising them as Artificial Intelligence or AI. This can be harmful to artists because applications are free and do not even compensate them for their hard work. People will ditch every option for a free one which is why this should be stopped, and licensing should be free for everyone as long as they meet their requirements. Some sites create paintings from scratch digitally. Just capture the moment, upload it to the application and it will make you witness the picture being created and finish as a painting-like portrait.  And this is why the profession of painting is slowly decreasing in demand because technology is taking over, even though there are artists that are transitioning to digital art, there are still people who are fighting for traditional art. Even though current technology has made oil portrait painting easier and more affordable, there are still people who want to have paintings in their houses or buildings. As long as people are believing in the art form and some painters are still making effort to make and teach oil painting, it will never fade like the painting preserved in museums.


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