How Are Cloths For Pool Tables Maintained

Buying a pool table is a serious commitment and a significant budgetary investment. Most people can’t just go and buy one off the cuff. It takes time and effort to save and comparison shop to find the right one to fit your needs, lifestyle, and your space.

When you finally find the best option for you – check for examples; the priority will be taking optimum care of it to extend its lifespan. One of the most delicate features that require exceptional maintenance is the cloth.

It’s essential to ensure the highest quality in pool table cloth for optimum durability and allow typical abuses with play without repercussions or distractions from poor material. When selecting the best cloth for your table, what are some things to consider? Consider these suggestions.

How Are Cloths For Pool Tables Maintained

A pool table is a significant budgetary investment that takes considerable time to save for and effort when shopping to ensure competitive pricing, plus a table that meets your specific needs.

An essential element to focus on is the pool table cloth, one that is exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding the abuses associated with game play without consequences. A few factors relating to the cloth should be considered when comparing pool tables. Let’s look at some of these.

●       The “woolen” or the “worsted” cloth are options to choose from

Two cloth types for pool tables exist, including the “worsted” and the “woolen” cloth. The more expensive of the two is the worst since the material is much more challenging and costly to manufacture, but the result is a material noted to create less napping.

That will mean a consistent field while playing and minimal maintenance. These cloths create a faster game play with extended wear compared to the woolen option since the woolen comes with a standard weave not as tight as that of the worsted.

With a tight weave, there is less opportunity for a liquid to adhere, creating stains in the material.

●       Should you cover your pool table

When you invest in a pool table, it should be protected from the point of delivery to simply sitting in the home stationery. Go to to gain insight on pool table moving.

Once in place, many people know it would save their time and effort to keep a cover on the table but find it intrusive to bother with it. Unfortunately, when you don’t use the cover, the results of the neglect will be apparent, particularly if you have pets and small children.

Whether or not a furry friend finds its way on the top of the table, hair will invariably make its way to the surface. But in the event the little critter hops up, claws tend to shred cloth.

A cover is still beneficial for anyone without fur babies or children, especially if the table sits in a room filled with natural light. The quality cloth you took time to select over time will begin to fade if it’s not protected from UV rays.

If you have a cover and can protect the material from outside elements when not playing, use the cover.


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