Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Pro at Playing Balmond in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Redfinger

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Balmond is a champion who acts as both a tank and fighter. He is suitable for beginners because his abilities are easy to use and his playstyle is uncomplicated but effective. We will now look at his powers, suggested builds, and some advice on how to play him correctly.


The capacity to do something can be referred to as an ability. This term holds a much broader range of meaning, from the skill of a craftsman to the talents of an artist. Other terms for abilities can include capabilities, proficiencies, and aptitudes.

For those just starting out, Balmond is an ideal pick due to his uncomplicated and effortless skills. His Bloodthirsty Thirst passive ability furnishes him with the capacity to restore health after slaying enemy heroes or minions. This makes him a formidable adversary who can maintain himself in battles and remain at the forefront for prolonged times.

Balmond’s initial capacity, Crab Claw Cannon, empowers him to launch a projectile that causes physical harm to foes in its way. This ability can be used to bother antagonists from a secure distance or to finish off running away adversaries. It can also be utilised to rapidly clear minion waves.

Balmond’s Rum is his second proficiency; when activated, it enables him to move quickly towards his adversaries, damaging those in his path and slowing them down. This ability can be used for a variety of purposes, including initiating combat, chasing away adversaries who are attempting to escape, or getting away from imminent danger.

Balmond’s special capacity, Deadly Catch, is able to call forth a gargantuan octopus that is capable of dealing physical harm to foes in a wide area. This aptitude can be employed to inflict considerable destruction to opponents in team battles or to capture an escaping adversary.


Balmond is a hero that requires a combination of defensive and offensive items to be efficient in combat. Here is a suggested build for him that concentrates on durability, maintenance, and assistance for his allies.

At the start of the game, Balmond should acquire Valkyrie’s Shield. This item grants Balmond a shield from its passive ability, which can help him stay alive in combat.

When equipping Balmond, the Bloodlust Axe should be the next item to acquire. It gives a substantial amount of damage and its passive allows him to remain on the battlefield for an extended time.

Balmond should obtain Warrior Boots as the third item. These boots offer a physical defense buff plus additional protection from basic attacks. For enemies that use magic, Tough Boots could be a more advantageous option.

When outfitting Balmond, Blade Armor should be the fourth item acquired. This protection will reduce the damage taken from basic attacks, enabling him to survive in combat and carry on attacking adversaries.

For Balmond, the fifth thing to acquire should be Oracle. This particular item gives him health regeneration through its passive trait, which can assist him in withstanding battles.

The last item that should be obtained for Balmond is Bloodthirsty King. This object grants a considerable rise in health and an exclusive passive capacity that recovers health upon slaying or contributing to the kill.

Using the Force of Balmond

An alternative strategy for playing Balmond is a push-based build. This style of play focuses on quickly and efficiently eliminating minions to take down enemy towers and put pressure on the opposing team. Items recommended for this build include “Cursed Helmet” for AOE damage, “Rapid Boots” for increased speed, and “Windtalker” for enhanced attack and movement speed. This build gives up some of its tankiness for more pushing power, so players need to be aware of their surroundings and be careful not to be ambushed in team battles.

Suggestions for Taking on Balmond

Playing Balmond can be a challenge, but with these tips you can become a better player. First, it is important to recognize Balmond’s unique abilities and use them to your advantage. Secondly, use your defensive skills to block his attacks and defend yourself. Finally, use your agility and quick reflexes to stay one step ahead of him and take him down. With these tactics in mind, you’ll soon be a pro at taking on Balmond.

The article provides advice for Balmond players who wish to employ either a tank or push build. For tank builds, the article advises the use of Balmond’s abilities to start fights, withstand harm for the squad, and pursue adversaries with his ultimate. Additionally, it is essential to utilize his innate capacity to heal during combat and maintain his durability on the battleground.

The article suggests that when pushing, it’s important to clear minion waves as fast as possible to put strain on the rival team. Balmond’s abilities can be used to handle minion waves quickly and with the help of “Rapid Boots”, he can quickly move between lanes and demolish towers. Coordination between the team is also essential to maximize the efficiency of the pushes.

In Summary

In order to be an expert at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, it will take a lot of effort and practice to master the use of Balmond. But for those who are just starting out, if they decide to use Balmond, then they won’t be doing too poorly. Additionally, if a person wants to play this game on a PC, then all they need to do is get the Redfinger Android emulator from and they’re set.


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